Apollo Technologies Group, LLC, is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business located in Sykesville, Maryland. Founded in 2016, Apollo was created out of admiration for Country, community and our military, built with the U.S. Navy’s core values in mind – Honor, courage and commitment. These core values we uphold to our customers, employees and partners. Our mission is to deliver the highest quality IT professional services and innovative solutions to the Federal, State, and Local government. We are a dependable and dedicated company that customers can rely on and partners can trust. The Apollo team is united in our efforts to make this company a special place to be a part of. 

We look forward to working with all of you.

The name Apollo is derived from Stephen Chvala’s (CEO) Grandfathers company. Stephen’s grandfather opened his company back in 1965 and named it Apollo out of respect for the NASA missions taking place at that time. The original Apollo was a very successful distribution company with many warehouses, employees and customers throughout the eastern seaboard. He eventually retired and passed the company to his children. In 2014, Apollo closed its doors after 49 years. Naming the company “Apollo” was to pay homage to Stephen’s grandfather and his hard work and dedication on behalf of his family. Stephen grew a lot of inspiration from his Grandfather. He was a great man, leader, friend, father and grandfather. He built a company that was family friendly and cared about its community. We here at Apollo Technologies Group vow to do the same every day.

Our logo has a few interpretations in its design. First, you will notice the shield, representing security and strength. This represents our cybersecurity and IT Services capabilities. Also noticeable is the 3-point crown on top of the shield. This represents the three generations that have held the Apollo name. In 1965, Stephen’s Grandfather opened the first-generation Apollo, then passed it down to his children, beginning the second generation. In 2016, Apollo Technologies Group was founded, starting the third. Lastly, in the center of the shield it looks like the hull of a ship coming head on. This represents the owners U.S. Navy background and our debt to our nation’s finest.